Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BrightXpress Mobility Suite Version 8 Released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of BrightXpress Mobility Suite 8 which introduces support for Windows Store 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

BrightXpress Mobility Suite is the leading software platform for creating end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions. It makes it possible to design, develop and deploy mobility solutions rapidly and cost effectively.

With the addition of Windows Store 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 support, the BrightXpress Mobility Suite now gives true native cross-platform support for the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows desktop and the latest Windows Store 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices. Write once, deploy everywhere !

Version 8 Highlights

  • Query Analyzer: Connect to and inspect enterprise SQL database servers as well as SQLlite database files.
  • Server Projects: Sync Points have been redesigned with a more powerful and user friendly design. Mappings have been brought out in to the visual designer and now transformations can modify the data at any point of synchronisation.
  • BrightServer Management: More options to monitor, quickly view and modify server applications and configurations.

  • Multiple Server Configurations: BrightServer can now run multiple BEP server configurations simultaneously to allow different users or applications to connect to different data sources without the need for multiple BrightServer instances.
  • Project Repository: All deployed server and mobile application projects are stored by BrightServer, so that they can be viewed or retrieved later on.
  • Jobs: Configure and monitor Javascript based jobs which can be defined to perform just about any action on the server.
  • Flexible User Authentication: Authentication can now be handled by a variety of other mechanisms such as LDAP.

  • True Native Cross-Platform Support: Applications can now run on the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows Desktop, Windows Store 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices.
  • Non UTC Datetime Values: Support a work force in multiple timezones with the option to ignore timezone offsets in datetime values.
  • Activation Screen: First time client setup is made easy with a new welcome screen.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lenovo to Buy Motorola, MS Surface 2 Review, Smartphone Sales Top 1 Billion, Technologies That Have Faded Into History, 'Password' No Longer the Most Used Password


Lenovo to Buy Motorola From Google for US$3 Billion

The deal was detailed by Google in an official release. For US$2.91 billion, Lenovo will receive Motorola's portfolio of devices such as the Moto X and Moto G, over 2000 patents, the Motorola Mobility trademarks and product roadmap. Google will hold on to most of the patents in Motorola Mobility's current portfolio.

Product Review: Surface 2 (by Nic Healey - CNet Australia)

What is the verdict after using the Surface 2 for carrying out all of the activities of a working week?

Smartphone Sales Top 1 Billion Worldwide for the First Time: IDC

The worldwide smartphone market reached yet another milestone, having shipped more than 1 billion units in a single year for the first time.

Nine Technologies That Have Faded Into History

Who does remember Atari game consoles, dot matrix printers, floppy disks ? It is great to put things into perspective when you think about the power in your Android, iOS or Windows based smartphone devices.

'Password' is No Longer the Most Used Password

Have you recently had to come up with a new password ? Well, read this before choosing your next password carefully. It is important!

Microsoft Actually Doing Quite OK, Thanks

Despite all of the doom and gloom, Microsoft appears to be strengthening its position in the market, especially companies like IBM with slowly eroding revenues.

Beyond Smartphones, Tablets: Mobile Apps Will Be $77B Business in 3 Years

Mobile applications will be downloaded more than 248 billion times and generate in excess of $77 billion in revenue by 2017 as they find their way into appliances, cars and wearable devices.


Increase BrightBuilder Memory

For larger projects, BrightBuilder's maximum memory size may be increased by changing the '-J-Xmx512m' flag to '-J-Xmx1024m' in the ./etc/brightbuilder.conf file. This value may exceed 1024 for machines with 64-bit architecture. Changes to this file will take effect once BrightBuilder restarts. BrightBuilder's memory may be observed by right clicking and activating the 'Memory Widget' in the toolbar.

Default Font of Project

Any control created in a form will be created with its font matching the 'Default Font' property of the project. By default, this font is Courier New, but it may be changed to suit the style of the project.

Using BrightForms' Projects Directory

The System.GetProjectPath() method may be used to retrieve BrightForms' local directory. This is directory is dependent on the device being used. It may be found under the Systems >  Settings node of the Form Expressions Data Source Tree. Saving files to this typically public directory allows access to the files by other apps and file explorers. For example, local.vPath = System.GetProjectPath() & "/" & "file.txt";


We have great news ! BrightForms Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Store editions have now reached the beta testing phase. With the involvement of our selected customers and partners, they are on track to be released by the end of March. If you are interested in participating the beta testing phase, simply drop an email to

Version 8 of BrightBuilder and BrightServer products are also in the beta stage and are on track to be released together with the new editions of BrightForms. Both have an incredible list of new features for you to create and manage your mobile applications faster and easier.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Windows Phone Gaining Momentum, Windows XP Still Running Over 30% of Desktops, Smartphone Race to Pricing Bottom Underway


Windows Phone Is Gaining Some Global Momentum

Looks like Windows Phone is increasing its market share especially in Europe reaching 10% of smartphone sales across the five major European markets. Compared to Android’s 72% of the market share, still a long way to go.

Only 1 Out of Every 10 Windows Phone 8 Devices Is Not a Nokia Lumia

Nokia now controls 90% of the Windows Phone 8 market, with the low-end Lumia 520 grabbing over 35% share. Nokia’s share of Windows Phone 8 devices has been growing steadily over the last few months, moving from about 75 percent at the start of the year, to a new high of 90 percent in November.

The Operating-System-That-Wouldn't-Die: Windows XP Still Running Over 30% of Desktops

With support ending for Windows XP in April, HP and Intel are looking forward to the earning prospects of hardware upgrades in the New Year.

Smartphone Race to Pricing Bottom Underway, Says IDC

Smartphone units are set to surge through 2017, but average selling prices will also steadily decline. Thank Android.


Mass Import Users

The 'Import From File' context menu option in a server's Configuration > Users node may be used to mass import users into the system. Using this feature, a CSV file containing many lines in the format of "user, password" may be loaded into the users panel with a single action. After importing, the 'Release Applications to Multiple Users', and 'Mass Actions' buttons may be used to further modify the imported user accounts.

Retrieving Client Logs

Logs may be retrieved remotely from client devices via the 'Client Logs' node in BrightBuilder's Server panel. Logs can be requested under the 'Users for Client Log Requests' tab and will cause the user's device to send its log on the next synchronisation to BrightServer. On success, the user request will be removed, and the log will appear under the 'Client Logs' tab. The client device must have logging activated to produce logs.


The port of BrightForms on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store platforms has progressed well and is on track to reach to an internal beta release in early January for testing.

The development of the BrightServer Version 8 is also well underway. It is full of new exciting features such as the ability to deploy multiple configurations (BEP projects) to a single server instance, a new job system to configure and monitor jobs on server, and much more. More news still to come, stay tuned.

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Ways iOS7 Can Help the Enterprise, Intermec CN51, Windows 8.1, Apple iPad Air and Mini


 5 Ways iOS7 Can Help the Enterprise

The launch of iOS7 generated a lot of commentary about its design changes. However, it also foresaw the shift in how enterprises are using and developing mobile apps, and includes several business-friendly features.

Intermec CN51, Rugged and Versatile, Runs Android or Windows 6.5

Intermec has developed the CN51. The handheld computer can run Android 4.1 or, for customers with legacy apps, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.

Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced the global availability of Windows 8.1, a feature-rich update to its popular Windows 8 operating system, enabling customers to create experiences that keep pace with their lives — at work, at home or on the go. Beginning Oct. 17, consumers with a Windows 8 device in more than 230 markets and 37 languages can download the free update via the online Windows Store.

Apple iPad Air Event: Everything you need to know

Apple made several announcements at their Oct 22 productevent in San Francisco. From the new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display to new releases for the Mac, Apple managed to compress a lot of information into a 90-minute event.  This article collates all the news from the event and puts it together in one easy-to-read guide.

PC sales are down, across the board and across the globe.

Recent figures show the decline that set in nearly two years ago continues, with no end in sight. This marks the sixth consecutive quarter of declining worldwide shipments.


Data Grids

Columns in listviews may set to be editable by the user. E.g. a Button data cell may be used to quickly jump to a record's details, while controls such as Drop Downs and Edit Controls may be used to quickly edit records with in the list itself while being vaildated for correctness.
This may be achieved by assigning column types under the 'Data Cell' heading when modifying the columns of a listview via the 'Columns' property dialog. Once editing of data has been completed, the listview's Save() method may be called in an expression to save the values entered. Alternatively, the data may be saved to the database immediately, using the 'Data Grid - Auto Save' property of the listview.

Server Configuration - User Activity

The "Log User Activity to the Runtime Statistics Database" option in the Configuration > Server node may be enabled to enable User Activity logging. This data contains useful information, such as user connection time, number of synchronised records, as well as BrightForms, project and release information. The rows of the table will be update each time the user synchronises their device. For more information, please refer to the BrightServer > BrightServer Instances > User Activity chapter of the Bright Software User Manual.


We have released the latest version of BrightForms 7.2.3 for iOS and it is now available at the App Store. BrightForms now fully supports the iOS7 look-and-feel and seamlessly integrates into the iOS7 platform.

Another exciting news item is that the development team has completed the Alpha phase of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Store versions of BrightForms with a full Metro style user interface. It will now be in the beta stage for the rest of the year and is expected to go production Q1 early next year.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Apple iOS 7 Launched, Microsoft Buys Nokia, Honeywell Acquires Intermec


Apple launches iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and its new iOS7 operating system

The company unveiled two new iPhones on September 10, the speedier iPhone 5S and the less expensive iPhone 5C, boasting a new camera, new processor, motion processing system, a fingerprint scanner for security and ease of use. It runs the powerful A7 chipset, and runs 64-bit software which is first on mobile devices. Watch the keynote at

Microsoft to buy Nokia's mobile phone unit

Microsoft has agreed a deal to buy Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.4bn euros ($7.2bn; £4.6bn). The purchase is set to be completed in early 2014, when about 32,000 Nokia employees will transfer to Microsoft. 

Honeywell Completes Acquisition of Intermec

Honeywell has completed its acquisition of Intermec, a leading provider of mobile computing, radio frequency identification solutions (RFID), voice-enabled workflow and data-collection solutions, and printing solutions. Honeywell announced its intent to acquire Intermec in December 2012, in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $600 million. "The acquisition of Intermec will add innovative products and solutions, as well as deep engineering expertise and a broad global sales channel that further demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers an increasing array of innovative technologies in the highly attractive AIDC industry," said John Waldron, president of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. Intermec will be integrated with Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, within the company's Automation and Control Solutions business.

Samsung Introduces GALAXY Gear, a Wearable Device to Enhance the Freedom of Mobile Communications

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced the GALAXY Gear, a perfect companion device that further integrates the Samsung GALAXY experience into everyday life. Samsung GALAXY Gear combines smart device connectivity, tailored technological features, and stylish design as a single premium accessory.,-a-Wearable-Device-to-Enhance-the-Freedom-of-Mobile-Communications-1


Colour Code Listviews

In BrightForms, listviews may be defined so that row data is highlighted for the user, based on certain record conditions. For example, a listview could display unfinished records in red, or completed records in green on the device. This is achieved via the 'Colour Coding' property of the listview in BrightBuilder. Using this feature, specific text and background colour combinations may be defined for all the rows in a listview based on data related column rules, providing clear visibility of record statuses to the user.

Passing Data Between Forms

When developing BSP projects, data may be passed between forms using Form Variables, Global Variables, App Settings, the Array object and the Database object. Global Variables and App Settings can be used to store application state across multple forms. The Array object can be used for variable amounts of data. Form Variables for clearly defined data within the scope of a single form. The Database object is useful if the data must be persisted to the local database. For more tips and tricks, see our developer support page!


As you may be already aware, we have released iOS version of BrightForms Mobile Device Engine. Its uptake has been a great success. The team will release a minor version soon for supporting iOS 7 look-and-feel.

Our development team is extremely busy working on the next major version of the platform : Version 8. The new platform version will take the mobile application development efforts to a next level of simplicity and easy use. We will keep you posted with some of the new exciting features as they become handy in the upcoming newsletters.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7

(Or what used to be called "Windows Phone 7 Series")

Coming out by the end of 2010, Windows Phone 7 will be Microsoft's (belated) response to the smartphone market explosion.

Microsoft is playing catch-up, having given away market share in "smartphone sales to end users", and been overtaken by its competitors especially in the consumer end of the market.

What is Microsoft's strategy for Windows Phone 7 ? Simple : Copy your competitors !

There are so many similarities, for instance, between the WP7 and iPhone strategies, that it seems fair to say that Microsoft are following the Apple's footsteps.
  • Simple, clean user interface

  • Disallow partners to modify the user interface

  • Strictly lock down the hardware specification

  • One-stop application marketplace (charging 30% commission to application developers)
Microsoft has started from scratch to make the new Windows Phone 7 platform. This means that some sacrifices had be made.

Some standard features in Windows Mobile 6, that you WON'T see in Windows Phone 7.

  • No built-in IPSec or SSL VPN client

  • Missing native database support

  • No direct control of application deployment

Secure HTTP is limited to web applications only, so secure data connections from remote handhelds is not built-in to the platform. SQL Compact Edition is no longer part of the platform. Solution providers using third-party management tools will not have direct control over the deployment of handheld applications, in favour of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The lack of these "enterprise-friendly" features are so glaring, that Microsoft has come out and told developers that "Windows Phone 7 is NOT an enterprise play".

From an enterprise mobility perspective, deploying enterprise applications on WP7 was never in the minds of its designers.

It is clear the Windows Phone 7 is aimed squarely at the consumer market.

Will Windows Phone 7 be successful?

While it is hard to see WP7 taking the market lead any time soon, its integration with Microsoft services such as XBox Live, Zune, and Bing will be compelling to consumers who already use these services. So at the very least, Windows Phone 7 will stem the flow of these loyal customers going off and adopting other platforms.

However there seems to be tough times ahead for the enterprise mobility developers who are targeting Windows Phone 7 platform.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Launch

Hello World! A new blog is born.

What this blog will contain:
  • Commentary on the current trends in the enterprise mobility industry
  • Some insight on where hot news topics may affect our industry
  • Maybe even the odd future prediction or two

What this blog will NOT contain:

  • Relentless sales pitch, after sales pitch
  • Spam links

2010 has already been an incredible year in the mobile technology space, with nearly a non-stop stream of announcements of new hardware and new platforms, takeovers, along with the usual hype.

How to digest this information? And see what affect it might have on deploying enterprise mobility applications?

This is what we hope to provide in this blog.

Our aim will be to create ongoing blog articles that provide some value and substance for the reader, that you may keep coming back, and hopefully enjoy reading as well.