Monday, December 2, 2013

Windows Phone Gaining Momentum, Windows XP Still Running Over 30% of Desktops, Smartphone Race to Pricing Bottom Underway


Windows Phone Is Gaining Some Global Momentum

Looks like Windows Phone is increasing its market share especially in Europe reaching 10% of smartphone sales across the five major European markets. Compared to Android’s 72% of the market share, still a long way to go.

Only 1 Out of Every 10 Windows Phone 8 Devices Is Not a Nokia Lumia

Nokia now controls 90% of the Windows Phone 8 market, with the low-end Lumia 520 grabbing over 35% share. Nokia’s share of Windows Phone 8 devices has been growing steadily over the last few months, moving from about 75 percent at the start of the year, to a new high of 90 percent in November.

The Operating-System-That-Wouldn't-Die: Windows XP Still Running Over 30% of Desktops

With support ending for Windows XP in April, HP and Intel are looking forward to the earning prospects of hardware upgrades in the New Year.

Smartphone Race to Pricing Bottom Underway, Says IDC

Smartphone units are set to surge through 2017, but average selling prices will also steadily decline. Thank Android.


Mass Import Users

The 'Import From File' context menu option in a server's Configuration > Users node may be used to mass import users into the system. Using this feature, a CSV file containing many lines in the format of "user, password" may be loaded into the users panel with a single action. After importing, the 'Release Applications to Multiple Users', and 'Mass Actions' buttons may be used to further modify the imported user accounts.

Retrieving Client Logs

Logs may be retrieved remotely from client devices via the 'Client Logs' node in BrightBuilder's Server panel. Logs can be requested under the 'Users for Client Log Requests' tab and will cause the user's device to send its log on the next synchronisation to BrightServer. On success, the user request will be removed, and the log will appear under the 'Client Logs' tab. The client device must have logging activated to produce logs.


The port of BrightForms on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store platforms has progressed well and is on track to reach to an internal beta release in early January for testing.

The development of the BrightServer Version 8 is also well underway. It is full of new exciting features such as the ability to deploy multiple configurations (BEP projects) to a single server instance, a new job system to configure and monitor jobs on server, and much more. More news still to come, stay tuned.

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