Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Launch

Hello World! A new blog is born.

What this blog will contain:
  • Commentary on the current trends in the enterprise mobility industry
  • Some insight on where hot news topics may affect our industry
  • Maybe even the odd future prediction or two

What this blog will NOT contain:

  • Relentless sales pitch, after sales pitch
  • Spam links

2010 has already been an incredible year in the mobile technology space, with nearly a non-stop stream of announcements of new hardware and new platforms, takeovers, along with the usual hype.

How to digest this information? And see what affect it might have on deploying enterprise mobility applications?

This is what we hope to provide in this blog.

Our aim will be to create ongoing blog articles that provide some value and substance for the reader, that you may keep coming back, and hopefully enjoy reading as well.

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